Statement from NDP Health Critic France Gélinas on Liberal delays for protecting patient privacy

NICKEL BELT – France Gélinas, Ontario NDP Health Critic and MPP for Nickel Belt, released the following statement:

“Patients and their families will take little comfort in hearing more promises and seeing more delays from this Liberal government. All Ontarians should be able to trust that their most sensitive personal health information will be protected, but for far too long, Liberal inaction has allowed serious violations of patient privacy. Thousands of breaches have gone unreported to the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and today the full scale of the problem remains a secret while patients are forced to live with the consequences.

Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Portugal Day

Ontario’s New Democrats are proud to join with the nearly 300,000 Ontarians of Portuguese descent as they celebrate Portugal Day. 

Statement by Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on subway shut-down : Invest in state of good repair

Toronto -  Following this morning’s complete shut-down of the TTC’s subway system due to a failure of its communications system, Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, issued the following statement:

Year at Queen’s Park marked by Hydro One sell-off, cuts, chaos and criminal investigations

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says that the last year has been marked by scandals and missed opportunities for the Liberal government. While the Liberals successfully rammed through their Harper-style omnibus budget Horwath said she and her team will continue to fight for the issues that matter to Ontario families, including creating jobs, fighting the sell-off Hydro One, working to stop cuts to health and education, and the gutting of rules preventing partisan advertising.

Liberals vote against ‘Listening to Ontarians’

Today, Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals voted against the “Listening to Ontarians Act”, a bill tabled by NDP Leader Andrea Horwath which would make it illegal to sell off Hydro One unless the government gets approval from the people who own it -- Ontario families.

“It’s a sad day for democracy when the Premier is voting against listening to Ontario families.” Said Horwath.  “Kathleen Wynne promised Ontarians that they could expect better from their government, but that promise hasn’t been kept. That’s been made clear by their vote today.”

'Conversion therapy’ banned in Ontario as groundbreaking NDP bill passes final reading

QUEEN’S PARK - Ontario NDP LGBTQ critic Cheri DiNovo’s groundbreaking bill banning the abusive practice of ‘conversion therapy’ for LGBT children passed third reading and became law in Ontario today. 

Ontario is the first province to pass a law banning conversion therapy. 

“Ontario will no longer allow vulnerable LGBTQ children to be subject to unethical, abusive so-called ‘conversion therapies'. Today our province is leading the way not only in Canada but internationally,” said DiNovo. 

When will the last diesel train run on the UP Express? Liberals won’t tell NDP leader

QUEEN’S PARK  —  With the Union Pearson Express set to begin exclusive diesel train service for business-class travellers this Saturday, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath asked the Liberal government if their promise to electrify the line is just another in a long line of broken transit promises by the Liberals. 

“This is the only new rapid transit service the Liberals have delivered in Toronto since the flurry of transit promises that were made way back in 2007. Yet, since 2007, they’ve cut $4 billion from transit funding, they’ve cancelled five of the light rail projects and deferred the Sheppard East LRT until at least the next decade, and there is no sign of the two subway lines, including the downtown relief line, that the Premier promised to prioritize just a year ago,” said Horwath.

Statement from Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on Bill 77

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath released the following statement on Bill 77 moving forward to third reading.

“I’m thrilled to see the house unanimously agree to move Bill 77 forward. Today we came one step closer to ending the harmful practice of conversion therapy in this province. I look forward to the bill getting swift passage through the Legislature.”

Andrea Horwath introduces legislation for Hydro One Referendum

Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, is introducing a Private Members Bill which would ensure Hydro One could not be sold without hearing from Ontario voters first. Horwath has been holding packed town hall meetings across the province, where Ontarians have said they can’t afford to pay the price for Kathleen Wynne’s scheme to sell-off Hydro One.

“Kathleen Wynne wants to sell-off Hydro One without listening to the people who own it. Ontarians own Hydro One, and not a single person voted to sell it. Kathleen Wynne has absolutely no mandate to sell Hydro One, ” said Horwath. “People can’t afford to pay the price for selling Hydro One. They can’t afford higher hydro bills and their government can’t afford to lose the hundreds of millions of dollars in stable revenues that funds important public priorities like education, healthcare and infrastructure.”

End the stalling, End conversion Therapy in Ontario: Horwath

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called on the government to stop stalling and pass Bill 77, Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act, to end the unacceptable practice of conversion therapy in the province. Horwath praised the tireless efforts of NDP LGBTQ issues critic Cheri DiNovo, who by introducing Bill 77 on behalf of New Democrats, has taken a strong stand against conversion therapy in the Legislature and in the community. Horwath said that all parties support the bill. The majority Liberal government has an obligation to treat this important legislation with the urgency it deserves.

Hamilton deserves a full LRT, not more broken Liberal promises: Horwath

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath cautiously welcomed today’s funding announcement for Hamilton’s LRT. Horwath, who has been a long-time advocate for a Hamilton LRT, pointed out that the Liberals first committed to a Hamilton LRT back in 2007.  When shovels finally hit the ground in 2019 the track won’t go as far as promised.

“This morning we learned two things. First, we learned that at long last the government actually knows how to spell ‘LRT’ when it comes to Hamilton, but we also learned the neighbourhoods near Eastgate Square have been shutout of the government’s LRT plans.”

Horwath said that by failing to run the LRT to Eastgate Square as promised, surrounding areas will miss out on the economic uplift that the LRT would bring.  

Horwath: Give Ontarians Their Say on Hydro One Sale – Sever Bill 91

Queen’s Park – Today, Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats called on the Liberal government to separate the portions of Bill 91 that relate to the proposed sell-off of Hydro One and to travel the committee across the province.  

“Kathleen Wynne didn’t run on a plan to sell-off Hydro One and to this day she refuses to listen to Ontarians. She buried her short-sighted sell-off in a Harper-style omnibus bill and at every turn she has shut down debate and stifled consultation,” said Horwath.

For weeks, Horwath and the ONDP Caucus have called for hearings to travel the Province in order to ensure the most inclusive consultation possible. These requests have been consistently ignored by the Wynne Government.

Horwath: New Democrats Applaud Independent Watchdogs’ Call to Stop the Sell-off of Hydro One

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath issued the following statement:

“I  welcome the principled stand taken by Ontario's independent watchdogs against the Liberal sell-off of Hydro One.

Today’s statement by Ontario's Ombudsman, Auditor General, Integrity Commissioner, Financial Accountability Officer, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, Environmental Commissioner and French Language Services Commissioner reinforces what New Democrats have been saying all along: Kathleen Wynne must stop her short-sighted, undemocratic sell-off of Hydro One. 

Liberals shut Ontarians out in rush to sell-off Hydro One: Horwath

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath continued her fight against the Liberal sell-off of Hydro One by bringing an Opposition Day Motion to the floor of the Legislature today. Horwath called on Premier Wynne to stop ignoring public opposition and stop her short-sighted selloff of Hydro One. The NDP Leader’s motion read,

Statement from Andrea Horwath on Nursing week

It is my honour to rise today to recognize Nursing Week and to recognize the incredible work that Ontario’s nurses do for the people of Ontario.

Nurses are the backbone of Ontario’s health care system. 

They support patients every step of the way as they move through our health care system.

From the moment they enter care, to the time that they are discharged, and then onward through their recovery.

Liberals Shut Down Debate -- They Don’t Want To Hear From Ontarians

Queen’s Park- Today, the Liberal government moved to shut down any and all debate on whether their plan to privatize Hydro One should be taken to public hearings across the province.

Ontario families paying the price for liberal government’s chronic underfunding of education: NDP Education Critic

QUEEN’S PARK—Today, NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky demanded that the Premier reverse across the board cuts to education, and stop forcing students and families to pay the price.

“She [the Premier] promised not to cut education and to rebuild relationships with education workers,” stated Gretzky. “And yet, yesterday the Minister of Education literally boasted about the fact that her government didn’t need to keep its commitment to invest 250 million in education last year, and claimed that no cuts were made to special education.”

Windsor unemployment climbs as Wynne Liberals make life more unaffordable: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberals are failing Windsor says Taras Natyshak, NDP Economic Development and Employment Critic, and MPP for Essex. Newly released jobs numbers from Statistics Canada show unemployment has climbed to 11.5%, the highest in Canada, and Natyshak says this shows that Kathleen Wynne is more focused on ramming through a budget full of privatization and cuts than she is in creating jobs or listening to people.