Statement by Ontario NDP Finance Critic Catherine Fife on the Sunshine List

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP Finance Critic Catherine Fife released the following statement in response to the release of the Sunshine List. 

“The latest edition of the Sunshine List shows that even as she prepares to make more cuts to public services in the upcoming budget, Kathleen Wynne has done absolutely nothing to control the rise of outrageous public sector CEO salaries despite her pledge to do so.  She promised change when she became Premier. Instead we’re seeing the same old Liberal arrogance. She promised accountability and transparency. Instead the Premier’s office is under 4 separate OPP investigations and mired in cover-ups.

Liberal spin can’t hide real cuts to classrooms: NDP

Queen’s Park – Today, Ontario NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky released the following statement regarding next year’s education funding: 

“The Liberals’ cuts to schools will mean fewer supports for students, more layoffs, and even more school closures across the province. The Premier promised not to cut education, but she’s broken that promise to families. Parents will be appalled to learn that thirty-eight school boards will see less funding for special education next year, including over $6 million in special education cuts in Toronto alone. Province-wide, there will be $36 million less in funding for textbooks, classroom supplies, and educators’ salaries. And small schools will be particularly hard hit. At a time when we should be investing in students’ futures, the Liberals are cutting critical programs and forcing students to pay the price.”


NDP Standing Up for Healthcare, Education and Public Services. PCs and Liberals side together to vote for cuts and privatization

Today the Ontario Legislature debated an NDP Motion which called for an end to the Liberal government’s cuts to healthcare, education, childcare, transportation, housing and their reckless privatization plans. However, Liberal and Conservative MPPs sided together to vote against the motion which calls for investing in services, creating jobs, making life more affordable, and looking at greater tax fairness including rolling back existing corporate giveaways.

Ontario NDP calls to re-establish Anti-Racism Directorate

QUEEN’S PARK — Today in the legislature, NDP MPP Teresa Armstrong called on the Premier to commit to establishing an Anti-Racism Directorate to speak to issues of racial inequality in the province. 

“This past Saturday was the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, where we are reminded that not only does systemic racism continue to exist elsewhere, it persists here as well,” said Armstrong, MPP for London-Fanshawe. “Income inequality, unemployment and precarious employment continue to disproportionately affect racialized communities in the province.”

87,000 families desperate for affordable housing deserve better than “I don’t know” from Wynne government: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK — Cheri DiNovo, NDP GTA issues critic and long-time housing advocate, blasted the Liberal government today for cutting $86 million from Toronto’s social housing budget. 

“The Liberals can talk about being ‘progressive’ till they’re blue-in-the-face, but no progressive government would cut $86 million dollars from Toronto’s social housing budget,” said DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale-High Park. 

Liberal government indifferent to impact of nursing cuts on patient care

QUEEN’S PARK — As Ontario hospitals continue laying off more nurses almost daily, NDP Health critic France Gélinas asked the Minister of Health what it will take for the government to get the message that these job hurt patients and that these cuts should stop.

“During the last general election, the Premier and her Minister of Health said that they would not cut front-line care and that they would not cut nursing positions. Right now, hospitals are laying off nurses almost every single day,” said Gélinas, MPP for Nickel Belt. “Last week alone, we learned that Sudbury will lose 42 nurses and the Children's Hospital in Ottawa is cutting 50 registered nurses. And in Cambridge, it’s 22 registered nurses.”    

Statement from NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky on more delays for community hubs as Liberals force school closures

Ontario NDP Education Critic Lisa Gretzky released the following statement on the latest Liberal panel appointment.

“Today’s announcement won’t distract from the Liberals’ sorry record of failing to support community hubs – and won’t stop half-a-billion dollars in planned cuts to classrooms. As usual, the Liberals are saying one thing but doing the exact opposite. That’s why the new special advisor needs to speak out publicly against the Liberals’ plans for school closures in Toronto and oppose new accommodation review guidelines that restrict public input.

Ontario New Democrats Gearing Up to Fight Liberal Austerity Budget

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath laid out her priorities for when the Legislature returns on Monday. She said that New Democrats will fight to create and protect good jobs in Ontario. She pledged to hold the Liberals to account for their lack of integrity, for their scheme to hold a fire sale of public assets like Hydro One, and for their plan to cut vital public services like healthcare and education in the upcoming budget.

Delay changes threatening dental care access for vulnerable children: NDP Health critic

NDP Health critic France Gélinas sent the following open letter to the Minister of Health today urging a delay to implementation of changes that threaten to dramatically reduce access to dental care for low-income children and youth:


NDP LGBTQ critic introduces historic protections for LGBTQ youth

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP LGBTQ critic Cheri DiNovo introduced new legislation today to protect youth from therapy aimed at preventing them from growing up to be LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual or queer).

DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale-High Park, was inspired to introduce the historic legislation by the tragic suicide of Ohio trans teen Leelah Alcorn. 

On December 28, 17-year-old Alcorn left a suicide note posted on her blog, and walked to her death in front of a tractor trailer. 

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s statement on International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, we, as a province, have a lot to reflect on as we look at the year that was. It was a year where the horrible realities that so many women have faced in their everyday lives were pushed into the public eye.

We have seen the culture of fear and secrecy that exists in workplaces where powerful men are allowed to act with impunity.

We have seen how many women’s voices can be silenced by a single male voice, especially when they are backed by institutions that are willing to protect them.

NDP Statement on Government’s Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan

“New Democrats support any measures that will help change the social, political and economic structures that perpetuate sexual violence and harassment against women and children.  It’s important that people have the skills to identify and respond to sexual violence and harassment in the workplace, on campus, online and anywhere Rape Culture exists.  New Democrats will be watching closely to make sure this Action Plan comes with funding commitments, and that progress in meeting its goals is regularly assessed and reported. The government must not duplicate the shortcomings of their 2011 Sexual Violence Action Plan, which the Auditor-General criticized in her 2013 report, for not including measurable goals and timelines. We also know that organizations in the violence against women sector are concerned about the changes to violence against women funding, which has resulted in cuts to 19 Victim Crisis Assistance Services and the closure of Partner Assault Response programs in Windsor and Toronto.  While New Democrats are fully supportive of the new Action Plan, we want to see integrated solutions and real progress, not just talk,” said NDP Women’s Issues critic Peggy Sattler.

OMB reform, inclusionary zoning missing from government’s Planning Act announcement

After promising Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) reforms for years, the government’s proposed changes to the Planning Act don’t do enough to prevent the OMB from rewriting municipal planning policies, said NDP Municipal Affairs critic Cindy Forster. The government also missed an opportunity to finally allow municipalities to enact inclusionary zoning bylaws to increase affordable housing, said NDP GTA Issues critic Cheri DiNovo.

New evidence proves Wynne story doesn’t hold water in Sudbury bribery scandal: Bisson

Queen’s Park – NDP MPP Gilles Bisson said revelations that Kathleen Wynne notified her Party of her intention to appoint Glenn Thibeault as the Liberal candidate in the Sudbury by-election on January 7, 2015, (two months later than first indicated) is another piece in a growing mass of evidence that undercuts her version of the Sudbury bribery scandal.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s statement on first national roundtable on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls

“I want to commend all of the families involved that have continued looking for answers and for justice for their loved ones despite facing their tragedy alone.

NDP gets results: Legislature appoints Financial Accountability Officer

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is proud that members of the legislature unanimously appointed Stephen LeClair as Ontario’s first Financial Accountability Officer (FAO).

“We’ve waited a long time for this moment, but I’m proud that we’ve finally appointed Ontario’s first Financial Accountability Officer,” said Horwath.  “After years of government scandal, people are tired of government waste, and want to see real accountability and transparency. A Financial Accountability Office will make government accountable and stop scandals before they start,” said Horwath. 

Pink Shirt Day

Since a small group of students first mobilized their school to wear pink to stand up for one of their peers, Pink Shirt Day has served as a powerful message that we as a province, and as a society, will not tolerate bullying.

Everyone should be free to work, learn and play in a space that is free from harassment. So today we all proudly wear pink as a statement of our commitment to the elimination of bullying across our province and our country.

Andrea Horwath letter to Premier Wynne regarding Elections Ontario report

February 20, 2015


Premier Kathleen Wynne

Room 281, Legislative Building

Queen’s Park, Toronto


Dear Premier,
The Election Ontario investigation findings that your Deputy Chief of Staff Pat Sorbara and senior Liberal operative Gerry Lougheed Jr. violated the Elections Act for bribery is unprecedented and is happening under your watch. 
As of today there are two OPP investigations into Ms. Sorbara and Mr. Lougheed’s attempts to bribe Mr. Andrew Olivier with an “appointment or job” in exchange for his withdrawal from the Liberal nomination race in the Sudbury by-election. 
Premier, this scandal is a clear breach of trust between your government and the people of Ontario.