FREE Toronto from the OMB!


To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:
WHEREAS, the Ontario Municipal Board is a provincial agency composed of unelected Members unaccountable to Ontarians, and
WHEREAS, the Ontario Municipal Board has the power to unilaterally alter local development decisions made by municipalities and their communities, and WHEREAS, the City of Toronto is the largest city in Ontario, and
WHEREAS, the City of Toronto has a planning department composed of professional planners, an extensive legal department and 44 full-time city councillors directly elected by its citizens, and
WHEREAS, Toronto’s city council voted overwhelmingly in February 2012 to request an exemption from the Ontario Municipal Board’s jurisdiction,
THEREFORE WE, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to recognize the ability of the City of Toronto to handle its own urban planning and development, and FURTHER, that the government pass Bill 61, the Respect for Municipalities Act, so that the Ontario Municipal Board will no longer have jurisdiction over the City of Toronto.

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