The choice is clear: Andrea Horwath has a concrete plan on jobs. Her Job Creator Tax Credit would reward employers for creating jobs in Ontario and would cut small business taxes by 1.5% to help local job creators.

Under Kathleen Wynne’s leadership, Ontario’s unemployment rate is above the national average. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s giving away $2.5 billion in no-strings-attached giveaways to big corporations—even those that ship Ontario jobs overseas. Wynne is so out of touch she called the loss of manufacturing jobs a “myth.” Wynne voted against Andrea Horwath’s Job Creator Tax Credit.

Tim Hudak’s plan isn’t much different. On top of his pie-in-the-sky “million jobs” plan, he would drive your wages down using tired, old ideas that have failed for years. Hudak's Conservatives voted against Andrea Horwath’s tax credit for job creators.



As Premier, Andrea Horwath will make important changes to curb the waste: eliminate wasteful hydro bureaucracies, slash the $1-billion subsidy to export electricity, stop the outrageous CEO bonuses, and immediately review all private power contracts to stop another gas plant scandal in its tracks.

The NDP will take the HST off hydro bills and will put money back into the pockets of Ontario families to make life easier and more affordable.

Andrea Horwath


Andrea Horwath knows the value of a dollar—she knows it’s time for government to rebuild trust with the people. She will cap the salaries of public sector CEOs and get the Financial Accountability Office up and running.

Billions of dollars wasted on scandals. Lies about the cost of gas plants. No plan to rein in executive salaries—all of this under Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal leadership. It’s clear that Kathleen Wynne hasn’t respected your tax dollars. Wynne hasn’t opened up the Accountability Office like she promised. Wynne isn’t stopping the outrageous government CEO bonuses.

Tim Hudak’s PCs did nothing to make government more accountable. He stood on the sidelines and played political games while your hard-earned money was wasted away.

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