NDP MPP Armstrong introduced bill to establish October as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario

NDP Citizenship and Immigration Critic, MPP Teresa Armstrong (London-Fanshawe) introduced a bill in the legislature today to establish October as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario, as part of the NDP’s plan to fight islamophobia. 

“New Democrats recognize that increasing islamophobia is a reality in Ontario, and through this bill we are taking action to fight it through education and engagement,” Armstrong said.  “The provincial government can help support the fight against ignorance and hatred by promoting dialogue, conversation, questions, and knowledge about Ontario’s Islamic heritage.  Everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted for who they are in our province.”

Armstrong said her bill will bring the provincial government  in line with the Federal government, and local school boards,  who already recognize October as Islamic Heritage Month.

“Islamic Heritage Month is about bringing Ontarians together by learning about the many contributions that Canadians of Islamic Heritage have made to our province, and how today, we are living, working, and studying side by side to build a stronger and more prosperous community and province, together,” Armstrong said. 

The London-Fanshawe MPP added that New Democrats have been working hard to fight racism in Ontario, including calling for an end to arbitrary, race-based police street checks and carding, and pushing the Wynne government to finally set up the Anti-Racism Directorate.