FACT CHECK: Ontario Liberals' failed jobs plan costs Bramalea 280 jobs

Unilever Canada has announced that they are moving their operations from near Brampton to the United States and putting 280 people out of work.


Unilever Canada has decided to move their Bramalea operations into the United States, citing the need for “significant investments” into the plant. (http://on.thestar.com/1fS9E2C)


Here are the facts:


Unilever Canada announced they are shutting down their Bramalea plant, eliminating 280 jobs from a plant that draws workers from Brampton, Bramalea, and Mississauga. Operations will wind down in 2016.


The plant will be moved to Missouri.


The State of Missouri has a tax credit program similar to Andrea Horwath’s Job Creation Tax Credit where newly created jobs are given a tax credit worth a percentage of the payroll. (http://on.mo.gov/1srosYp)