Horwath has plan to get Toronto moving again

TORONTO—Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario New Democrats, says it’s time to focus on the priorities that matter to families like creating jobs and getting Toronto moving again.  The NDP Leader says change must start by cleaning up the corruption at Queens Park and put the legislature back to work for middle class families.

“Toronto continues to attract more business and more people to the downtown core but people are telling me the transit system has brought the city to a stop.  Hard-working people are left with an overcrowded and outdated public transit system. They deserve better and our plan will get Toronto moving again,” said Horwath.

An NDP government will make the downtown relief line a top transit priority.  Improving the transit system will create good jobs, get more cars off the road, and make getting in and out of the downtown core more efficient.

“Liberals wasted billions of people’s tax dollars on huge CEO bonuses, eHealth mismanagement, ORNGE scandal and gas plant corruption instead of investing it in health care, education and public transit. 

For ten years the Liberals have made big promises to improve transportation but their actions include cancelling the bus replacement program and as Transportation Minister Kathleen Wynne cut $4-billion from Golden Horseshoe transit.

“Our plan will clean up corruption, cut ER wait times in half, keep our schools open and improve public transit and get Toronto moving again.  It’s a plan that makes sense.”