Horwath making sense with plan to make school use more affordable for communities

BRAMPTON—Andrea Horwath, Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats, was joined by Gurpreet Dhillon, NDP candidate for Brampton-Springdale, to talk about the NDP plan to help community groups use schools and make after hour and weekend programs more affordable for children, seniors and parents.

“Ontarians getting squeezed are finding it harder to afford after school sports for their kids or parenting classes for themselves.  Families who are making every penny count are tired of seeing government waste their tax dollars on millions of dollars in corporate giveaways and CEO pay hikes,” said Horwath. 

“Our Open Schools plan will give families more affordable opportunities to take part in after hour and weekend programs.  It’s a plan that makes sense and helps keep schools at the heart of our communities.”

The NDP ‘Open School’ fund will help community groups get access to schools and offer programs and services at low or no cost to Ontarians.      

“Under the Liberals middle class families are falling behind while corporations and CEOs are getting millions in handouts.   The NDP will focus on fundamentals like making life more affordable for families.  Our plan makes sense,” said Horwath.