Liberal government must answer why Ontario leading country in low-wage precarious jobs: NDP

Today, Ontario NDP Labour Critic Cindy Forster demanded Premier Wynne and the Liberal government answer why Ontario is leading the country in precarious low-wage jobs and income inequality, according to a labour report released today.

“Ontario families are facing longer wait times for social housing and the highest day care costs in Canada. Seniors still face some of the lengthiest wait times for long-term care.  Students have the highest debt loads and the least funding for post-secondary,” Forster said.

“We know that this government has been in power for 12 years.  When will this government accept responsibility that its policies and priorities have left Ontario’s most vulnerable behind?” 

A report released today by an Ontario wide coalition of over 90 labour and community groups confirms what New Democrats have been warning for years:  Ontario is last when it comes to jobs, social programs and income equality.   The report shows that Ontario has the lowest social program spending per capita in Canada, and long-term unemployment is one of the worst in the country.

“Precarious, low-wage work has ballooned to eight per cent more than other provinces, and income disparity between the poorest and richest Ontarians has nearly doubled.  Instead of focusing on the issues that matter, this government is privatizing our public assets, driving up hydro costs and continuing to make life unaffordable for Ontario families,” Forster said.

“Why won’t this government admit that after twelve years in office, it has failed Ontarians who need help most.”