Liberals wrong to downplay rising unemployment rates in Ontario: NDP

Taras Natyshak, Ontario NDP Economic Development Critic, responded to new jobs numbers released today by Statistics Canada. He said that the disturbing rise in the unemployment rate shows that Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government isn’t doing enough to protect and create good-paying jobs in Ontario.

“Today the Minister of Finance tried his best to put a good spin on some very bad news.  There are too many people across this province who can’t afford to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with their families this weekend because they’re out of work,” said Natyshak. “This month’s jobs numbers show that the Liberal government is letting Ontarians down when it comes to protecting and creating good paying jobs, especially in communities that depend on the manufacturing sector for their survival.”

Unemployment has worsened across the province, hitting some communities like a sledgehammer. Windsor’s unemployment rate jumped from 9% to a dismal 9.7%. Peterborough and Oshawa have gone from bad to worse, from 7.1% to 8.0%, and from 7.7% to 8.2% respectively. London and Niagara are not far behind going from 6.6% to 7.3%, and from 6.5% to 6.8%.

“Instead of jumping on the bandwagon to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership sight unseen, the Premier should think long and hard about the serious impact it will have on auto sector and agri-food jobs right here at home,” said Natyshak. “Since August, Ontario has lost 12 000 more good-paying manufacturing jobs.  It’s up to the Liberal government not to make a bad situation worse by selling off Hydro One, driving electricity prices up, and making our province less competitive.”