NDP demands Wynne government release new HIV strategy

During question period today, NDP health critic, France Gélinas, demanded the Wynne government release Ontario’s long overdue HIV strategy, to mark World AIDS Day tomorrow.

“I want to thank the people living with HIV and Ontario’s AIDS service organizations for their response to the epidemic.  We have made real progress. But there’s still  more to do,” Gélinas said. 

“Every single year, 800 Ontarians get diagnosedwith HIV/AIDS.  That’s far too many.  We must do better. For nearly two years, we having been waiting for the Minister to sign-off on the new plan to reduce HIV infection in Ontario, and provide better care for people at risk of infection. Today, we are still waiting.”

“Why is the Minister taking so long to release Ontario’s new HIV strategy?” asked Gélinas

World AIDS Day is marked by the World Health Organization and takes place every year on the 1stof December.  It is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, and mourning those who have died of the disease. Gélinas joins people in Canada and around the world demanding action on AIDS prevention and control.

“Two years to sign-off on the new HIV/AIDS strategy is a long time.  AIDS service organizations and people living with HIV are doing incredible work to end the epidemic.   But for every year the Minister waits, 800 more people health and lives are in danger,” Gélinas said.  “The new strategy is done, it is supported and it needs to be released. After two years of waiting, the Minister needs to sign-off.” 

“Will the Minister mark World AIDS Day by finally, at long last, releasing Ontario’s new HIV strategy?” asked Gélinas.