NDP demands Wynne government stop punishing children with autism for its own failures

During Question Period today, the NDP’s Children and Youth Services Critic, Monique Taylor, demanded the Wynne government listen to Ontario parents and stop forcing kids with autism to pay for its mistakes.

“More than 10,000 parents have signed an online petition pleading with the Minister to reverse her decision to take essential therapy away from kids ages 5 years and over,” Taylor said.  “This Minister is actually telling parents her only option to deal with the wait list is to “start fresh”.   Really? The only way the government can deal with the mess it created is by forcing kids 5 and over to pay the price, twice?  The Minister should be embarrassed.  Parents and medical professionals are not buying it.” 

“Will the Minister do the right thing and immediately grandfather all children who were on the waiting list at the time of her announcement?  Yes or No?”


Taylor read personal accounts from parents and families about the turmoil they are experiencing.

“It’s heartbreaking.  It’s devastating,” Taylor said.   “ One parent asks the Liberals to imagine being told your child is too old to benefit from the therapy that just last week would offer him his greatest hope.  A sibling of child with ASD begs, ‘Please do not to take away my little brothers voice, his future’. A parent of a child who started therapy at 6, and became verbal, wonders why the government is trying to silence other children’s voices and futures?”

“Parents wonder why this government doesn’t think their kids are worth the investment.   Parents want to know,  why is the Minister punishing kids with autism for being victims of this government’s failures?”