New evidence proves Wynne story doesn’t hold water in Sudbury bribery scandal: Bisson

Queen’s Park – NDP MPP Gilles Bisson said revelations that Kathleen Wynne notified her Party of her intention to appoint Glenn Thibeault as the Liberal candidate in the Sudbury by-election on January 7, 2015, (two months later than first indicated) is another piece in a growing mass of evidence that undercuts her version of the Sudbury bribery scandal.

“This is more evidence that Premier Wynne still hasn’t told the truth about her role in the alleged bribery scandal.  She insists she decided to appoint Glenn Thibeault in November, long before Liberal operatives dangled government jobs in front of former candidate Andrew Oliver in December 2014 so he would not seek the Liberal Party nomination in Sudbury.  In fact, Wynne’s letter shows that her decision to appoint Glenn Thibeault was made only after the alleged bribery attempts had failed,” said Bisson
According to the Liberal Party of Ontario constitution:

11.8 Appointment of Candidates
b) The Leader shall communicate his or her intention to make such appointment as soon as possible, and in writing, to the Nomination Commissioner and to the President of the Constituency Association.

“This clearly proves that Wynne’s version of events surrounding the bribery scandal don’t hold water.  It’s time Wynne comes clean and starts telling the truth about what really happened and when.”