On Energy East, Wynne leaves Ontario’s environment in PM Harper’s hands: NDP MPP Tabuns

QUEEN’S PARK— Today in the legislature, Premier Wynne refused to agree to NDP Environment critic Peter Tabuns’ call for her government to commit to a full provincial environmental assessment of the Energy East pipeline.

 “Unlike Quebec, Ontario refuses to conduct a provincial environmental assessment of Energy East. The Premier says the federal process is good enough—even after Prime Minister Stephen Harper gutted the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.” said Tabuns, MPP for Toronto-Danforth. “But provinces like British Columbia and Quebec have refused to leave their fate in the hands of Stephen Harper. Their premiers have said pipeline projects in their provinces will not proceed unless it is in their province’s interests.”

Two weeks ago the Liberal government claimed Ontario had joined with Quebec to set seven conditions for approval of the Energy East pipeline. But just last week, Premier Wynne called Alberta Premier Jim Prentice to reassure him that Ontario had not set any conditions at all. 

“The seven principles, as the Premier describes them, are more like suggestions,” said Tabuns. “They are weaker and narrower than Quebec’s seven conditions. In particular, Quebec has committed to a provincial environmental assessment of the energies project; Ontario, so far, has not.”