Stop cuts to essential services: NDP

Ontario NDP Finance critic Catherine Fife called on the Acting Premier in the legislature this morning to address a new report from the Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) and outline forthcoming cuts to public services, such as healthcare and education.

“Today’s FAO report shows that this government plans to balance its books by deeply cutting and slashing program spending because this minister’s revenue projections were way off.”

“Minister, can you shed some light for Ontarians and tell them what program cuts are in store for them?” Fife asked.

According to today’s FAO report, in order for the government to balance its books, drastic cuts must be made to essential services. Fife said the Liberals must be clear with Ontarians about which programs and services will be cut.

“With today’s FAO report showing significant risk in this government’s fiscal plan, I have to ask the Minister:  What cuts are coming? Will more nurses be fired? Will more schools be closed? Will poverty funding be cut again? The people of this province have a right to know what’s in store for them,” Fife said.