Ontario is strongest when nobody is excluded.

We’re strongest when we collectively stand up for inclusion and stand against racism in all its forms.

The face of this province is a reflection of global diversity, a place of hope, a place for a new start.

The recent arrival of hundreds of Syrian refugees is proof that Ontario is where many can plant fresh roots for new generations to grow. 

Yet, despite all we have accomplished so far, racism continues to be a daily, lived reality for far too many people in this province.

We can do better.

Together, we can take a step towards building an Ontario that challenges inequality, fights injustices, and creates opportunity for all.

An Ontario that continues to embrace and celebrate its diversity as a strength…

That’s why today, I’m calling on the Premier to create an Anti-Racism Secretariat.

Sign the petition for an Anti-Racism Secretariat and help us build a stronger Ontario.

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