Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath statement on Jamaican Independence Day

“On behalf of New Democrats across Ontario, I want to wish Jamaican Canadians across the province a happy Independence Day.

Today we are reminded of the great struggle, and the great sacrifice, of the Jamaican people for justice, freedom and equality. 

Here in the GTA, we can see the social, cultural and economic contributions of Jamaican Canadians to the province, and to the country.

Jamaicans contribute to the economy through small businesses and financial institutions, employing people and providing services to the community.

And we can never forget the contributions of Jamaican nurses to our healthcare sector, and Jamaican teachers who have shaped the next generation of Canadians.

We salute the Jamaican community in Toronto, and the many Jamaican organizations and their commitment to Jamaican people here, and on the island.

Together we will continue the fight for equality and justice, and the fight against anti-black racism in all its forms.

New Democrats believe in creating opportunities for all Ontarians, and we are here to work together to build a province where no one is left behind.

So on behalf of all of Ontario’s New Democrats, I want to wish everyone a happy Jamaican Independence Day.”