Wayne Gates

Contact Information

Address:Room 361 Main Bldg. Queen’s Park Toronto, ON M7A 1A5
LA: wgates-qp@ndp.on.ca
Website: www.waynegates.com
Twitter: wayne_gates
Critic: Infrastructure; Transportation, Government and Consumer Affairs

  • Jobs champion who promotes smart investments in job creation with targeted tax credits
  • Delivered results as a Niagara Falls City Councillor, promoting fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability
  • Took a lead role in a United Way campaign that raised millions for local programs
  • Will continue to fight for the Fort Erie Race Track and the horse racing industry
  • Worked with business leaders as Unifor Local president to protect and create local jobs
  • Will support farmers and wineries by continuing to promote a Buy Ontario policy

A longtime resident of and advocate for the Niagara Region, Wayne Gates understands firsthand the challenges facing families.

In his past roles as a City Councillor and local union president, Wayne has worked tirelessly to create and keep local jobs by promoting a Buy Ontario policy. He will continue to be a relentless fighter at Queen’s Park for long-term solutions at the Fort Erie Race Track and to bring daily, year-round GO service to the region.

Wayne will fight hard for relief on home heating, hydro, and auto insurance rates. He will also promote smart and targeted investment in job creation rather than across-the-board corporate tax giveaways. He understands that while the government may make promises at election time, his job is to make sure Queen’s Park delivers.

You can count on Wayne Gates, an experienced fighter for his community, to get results.

Wayne and his wife, Rita, live in Niagara Falls. They are the proud parents of three daughters and grandparents to five grandchildren. They all make their home in the Niagara Region.



Niagara Falls: 

6746 Morrison St., Unit 1A Niagara Falls, ON  L2H 3C9

Phone: 905-357-0681

Fax: 905-357-9456

Email: wgates-co@ndp.on.ca


Fort Erie: 

265 High St. Fort Erie, ON  L2A 3R4

Phone: 905-871-8868

Fax: 905-871-4717

Email: wgates-co@ndp.on.ca

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