More affordability, so everyone can build their best life here in Ontario

To many Ontarians, 20 years of switching between the Liberals and Conservatives has only made life less affordable.

It’s harder to make ends meet, harder to pay the bills, and harder to get ahead.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP know there’s a lot government can do to make life more affordable.

Our changes for the better

Cutting Hydro bills by 30% for everyone
We’ll return Hydro One to public hands, where it belongs.
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Affordable housing
Housing is a human right and the foundation of a good life. Andrea’s plan will help all Ontarians access safe, affordable housing.
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Protecting tenants and condo buyers
We’ll make rentals more affordable with stronger rent control and updated rules.
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Stronger protections for consumers
You deserve a government that’s in your corner when someone’s abusing your trust, whether it’s a company or a con artist.
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Affordable auto insurance
We’ll bring auto insurance premiums down by 15% and end neighbourhood discrimination.
Stronger pensions
Andrea and the NDP will increase the Pension Benefit Guarantee Fund guaranteed amount to $3,000 per month indexed to inflation, and will make the current benefit retroactive for Sears pensioners.

This is what we're fighting for

Together, we can change Ontario for the better. Are you in?

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