Better government replacing cynicism with hope

Replacing the cynicism of the past two decades with hope is going to take a government that’s honest. A government that puts people at the heart of every decision it makes. It’s going to take Andrea Horwath and the NDP.

Our changes for the better

MPP Code of Conduct
A strong code of conduct, with regular updates in plain language, will allow all Ontarians to know what is expected of the people they elect.
Better oversight of Hydro One
We will return full, independent oversight of Hydro One to the eight independent offices.
Open & accountable government
We will work with the Information and Privacy Commissioner to increase government transparency and we'll eliminate costs for Freedom of Information requests.
Empowering Voters
Strengthening Ontario’s democracy.
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Working with Cities
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will work forge a new partnership with Ontario’s municipalities.
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This is what we're fighting for

Together, we can change Ontario for the better. Are you in?

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