Better Health care

Ontarians are proud of our public health care services and we share a strong belief that care should be based on your health needs, not your ability to pay.

But after the drastic cuts of the Conservative years, and 15 years of neglect, frozen budgets and cuts under the Liberals, health care in Ontario is falling short of what families need. Waits are long. There’s a hallway medicine crisis and health professionals are working harder than ever.

We don’t have to settle for that anymore.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP believe that delivering quality public health care is the most important thing our government does. It’s time to start moving forward again, so Ontarians can expect more from the health services we’ve built together.

Our changes for the better

health care
Ending hallway medicine
We will restore hospital funding and ensure it keeps pace every year with inflation, population growth, aging and the unique needs of communities.
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Shorter waits for surgery
We’ll allow hospitals to remove arbitrary annual caps that force surgery cancellations every year and end underreporting of wait times.
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Better Hospitals
We will put $19 billion over 10 years into hospital capital expansion to meet growing capacity needs
2,000 new hospital beds now
We will take immediate steps to expand hospital capacity.
Stopping layoffs of nurses and front-line health care workers
We will make sure that hospitals have the staff they need to provide excellent patient care.

This is what we're fighting for

Together, we can change Ontario for the better. Are you in?

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