Bring Back the Northlander

Add your name if you support our plan to fix rail and transit for Northern Ontario.

Thanks to Liberal and Conservative governments shutting down the Northlander and failing to restore Greyhound service, Northern communities are less connected than ever.

It’s time to bring back the Northlander and better connect Ontario’s Northern communities.

Add your name to support our plan to bring back the Northlander.

    The NDP will fix the broken connections in the North by:

    • Fully restoring the Northlander as part of our Northern Rail Strategy, and connecting it with the Polar Express in Cochrane.
    • Supporting the Huron Central and Algoma Central Rail Lines.
    • Working with municipal and industry partners to develop an Intercommunity Transportation Strategy to better connect communities across Ontario (after the end of Greyhound service in the North).

    Add your name to support our plan.

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