Stand Against Discrimination. Condemn Bill 21.

Andrea Horwath's motion to condemn Bill 21 passed, but words are not enough. To protect our rights and freedoms, we need to add our voices to this fight, and get this discriminatory law repealed. Be a part of it:

    Quebec’s ban on religious symbols – Bill 21 – is discriminatory and undermines religious and cultural freedoms in Canada. We all need to work together to fight Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and xenophobia wherever it happens and wherever we see it.

    Ontarians have noticed Doug Ford’s silence on this bill. We believe silence is not an option in the face of such discriminatory legislation. Our motion explicitly and unequivocally condemns the passage of Bill 21 and calls on Doug Ford to formally request that the Premier of Quebec immediately repeal this discriminatory law. It also makes a commitment to intervene on behalf of Ontarians if this matter goes to the Supreme Court.

    Tell Doug Ford it’s time to uphold our values, stand against discrimination – condemn Bill 21.

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    Thank you for speaking out against Quebec’s discriminatory Bill 21.

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