Anti-Black racism is a public health crisis

It’s not enough to just acknowledge anti-Black racism, the government must take decisive action to address and tear down anti-Black racism in our institutions.

    Ontario’s NDP support the call from Black health leaders – including the AllianceON Black Health Committee, Black Health Alliance, and the Network for Advancement of Black Communities – for the government to declare anti-Black racism a public health crisis.

    The government must:

    • Enhancing accountability infrastructure to address police violence, systemic bias and harm to Black communities.
    • Properly fund the Anti-Racism Directorate and empower it with a clear, targeted strategy to address anti-Black racism in all sectors.
    • Dedicate funds for the provision of culturally appropriate health and wellbeing supports within Black communities.

    We must take decisive action to ensure that Black communities are valued, protected from institutional violence, and have access to appropriate health services.

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