Demand vision care for Ontario

Eye exams for people under 20 and over 65 must be restored, people are struggling with their vision and eye care is part of healthcare.

Doug Ford's refusal to negotiate and pay for a fair plan with optometrists is forcing children and seniors into crisis.

Ontario’s New Democrats are calling for Doug Ford’s government to negotiate a fair deal and properly fund eye care for children, youth, and seniors.

    The Ford government’s underfunding and refusal to come to the table with optometrists has caused all vision care covered by OHIP to stop as of September 1st, 2021.

    There are kids and teens struggling in school because they can’t see the board, or coping with eye pain and headaches. There are older adults facing the loss of independence because they can’t get a new prescription.

    New Democrats believe that vision care is an essential part of healthcare. Join us in calling on Doug Ford to immediately commit to legally binding, formal negotiations to ensure any future OHIP-insured optometry services are, at a minimum, funded at the cost of delivery.

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