Pharmacare & Dental Care for Everyone

We can help people be healthier and make life more affordable in Ontario.

Andrea Horwath’s Dental Care for Everyone plan, combined with our Pharmacare for Everyone plan, will mean that Ontarians will be covered when it comes to drug and dental care — regardless of age, income or job status.

Andrea Horwath’s plan will deliver better health care and make Ontario a better place to work and a more affordable place to live.

Be a part of it and let’s get good things done:

Dental care for everyone
  • Every 3 minutes, someone visits a doctor's office or emergency room in Ontario to get care for a dental problem
  • Oral health affects more than just our smiles - it's linked to heart health and so much more
  • With the Dental Care for Everyone plan, every Ontarian will access dental benefits either through work, or with their health card
  • To learn more about our Dental Plan, read more here
Pharmacare for everyone
  • 1 in 4 Ontarians don't take the medication they need because of cost
  • If everyone could take their medication without cost barriers, it would translate into healthier people and fewer ER visits
  • The Pharmacare for Everyone plan will provide prescription drug coverage for all Ontarians, regardless of age, income, job status or health status
  • To learn more about our Pharmacare plan, read more here