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Economies are changing around the world. Technologies are advancing, making new industries possible and sending others into decline. Climate concerns and the shift from a carbon economy are opening opportunities for many, but at the risk of closing doors for many others.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP believe that our economy should serve our people — all of our people. Economic growth and prosperity should be shared widely, not concentrated in a few hands. The working people who create that wealth should be able to support their families and plan for the future, instead of falling further behind. And as our economy changes, our provincial government has a responsibility to ensure nobody is left behind.

Our changes for the better

Better workplaces, better lives
Our economy relies on the hard work of Ontarians. And that work deserves to be recognized and respected.
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Spending smarter
We will invest $180 billion in infrastructure over the next decade focused on public projects instead of wasteful public-private-partnerships.
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Made in Ontario: A plan for auto and manufacturing Jobs
Andrea Horwath and the NDP are committed to expanding auto and manufacturing jobs in Ontario.
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Starting up Ontario
We will create an advisory panel on the innovation economy help make Ontario the best place in Canada to launch an innovative start-up or scale up an existing one to create good, skilled jobs.
Supporting good jobs in natural resources
We’ll develop a Provincial Forest Strategy to protect the long-term sustainability of our forests, and dedicate $1 billion to get things moving on the Ring of Fire.
A stronger agriculture sector
Steps to ensure Ontario’s farms and agribusinesses have a bright future ahead.
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Apprenticeships in the trades
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will invest $57 million annually from the Jobs and Prosperity Fund to create opportunities in the trades.
Advancing arts and culture
A career in the arts shouldn’t mean a struggle to get by. New Democrats will invest to grow this important sector of our economy.
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Revitalizing the horse racing sector
We’ll undo the cuts to the Slots at Racetracks Program (SARP), and build a long-term plan to revitalize this sector and protect the livelihood of these family farms.
An Ontario cluster strategy
Enhancing the competitiveness of our regional industries by bringing everyone to the table.
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Natural gas expansion to rural Ontario
A $100 million dollar investment to reduce dependence on high-carbon diesel and heating oil.
Broadband Expansion Fund
A 10-year, $1 billion dollar fund for bringing broadband service to rural and northern Ontario.
Lifelong learning
Ontario’s educated workforce is one of our greatest advantages in a global economy
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