Fiscal plan: end the squeeze on families, get our finances on track

Economic growth is projected to increase provincial revenues by over $17 billion over the next four years. But for everyday families, wages have been stagnant, services that make life better and more affordable have only been cut, and families are feeling the squeeze. Our plan delivers better health care, services and affordability for the middle class and low-income Ontarians, and protects them from costs.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP have based our fiscal plan on four principles:

  • We will make investments that make life better for everyone
  • We will protect middle-class families from tax hikes and fee increases
  • We will ensure the wealthiest people and most profitable businesses pay their fair share for the services that make their success possible
  • We will make sure our investment in services is financially sustainable, so we stop the decades-long pattern of cuts and funding freezes

Our changes for the better

Fair taxes for the wealthiest corporations, lower taxes for small business
Ontario’s businesses benefit significantly from Ontario’s highly educated workforce, modern infrastructure and health care system.
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A Fairer Business Education Tax
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will bring in a uniform Business Education Tax rate and review the way the tax works, to ensure our schools have a stable source of revenue.
We will make housing more affordable to Ontarians with a speculation tax
We will implement a new speculation tax that will not be limited to foreign buyers.
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Asking the wealthiest Ontarians to contribute more
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will raise the income taxes paid by the wealthiest Ontarians, while still keeping the top rate competitive with neighbouring provinces.
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Listening to Ontario’s Auditor
We will implement the Auditor’s suggestions to ensure money is spent properly, and we’ll invest the savings into services.
Improving the integrity of Ontario’s tax collection system
We will pursue revenue lost to the underground economy.
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Taxing tobacco based on its value instead of on its volume
Tobacco is currently taxed based on volume. We will tax tobacco based on value. It ensures that as tobacco prices go up, the taxes fairly reflect the value.
Counting only the revenues we know we can rely on
We want to keep our calculations cautious — and won’t count chickens before they hatch. So we’ve only included revenue sources we know we can count on.
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