Healthier communities

We can do more to deliver better health care and help everyone lead a healthier life — wherever they are.

From eliminating the home care wait-list to opening new community health centres and putting the focus on health equity, we’ll make it easier for all Ontarians to get the care that they need.

Our changes for the better

Home care: making it the best in Canada
We'll immediately increase funding by $300 million and eliminate the wait list.
Non-profit and community-governed health care
35 new Community Health Centres by 2025 and an investment of $30 million in community care.
Respect for health care workers
End front-line health care staff layoffs and prevent violence in the workplace.
Cancer care: better treatment and better choices for patients
We will provide complete coverage for take-home cancer drugs.
New Mom’s Guarantee
Supporting midwifery and women’s health services across Ontario
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Compassionate end of life care
New commitments to improve access to community-based palliative care.
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Health equity and access to care
Making sure that no one is denied access to urgent health care — no matter who they are or where they’re from.
Protecting local hospitals and rural health care
Our new funding plan will meet or exceed inflation, and account for population growth, aging and the unique needs of each community.
Better health care for the LGBTQIA2S+ community
Reducing barriers and improving access
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Fighting the opioid emergency
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will declare a public health emergency to save lives now.
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