Stand up for seniors

Thanks to decades of cuts, it’s getting harder and harder for Ontario seniors to get the care they need. Whether it’s years-long wait lists or inadequate care, we need to change things so our seniors can live with dignity. Andrea Horwath has a plan to make long-term care better for Ontario seniors:

  • Legislating a minimum of four hours of hands-on care per day for long-term care residents – and funding care homes so they can meet it.
  • Adding 15,000 new long-term care beds so beds are available when people need them.
  • Strengthening seniors’ rights, so spouses aren’t separated against their will.
  • A full, find-and-fix public inquiry into long-term care with patients, families and staff to find solutions that work for Ontario seniors.

Ontario’s seniors deserve care that treats them with respect and dignity. Add your name to support Andrea’s plan.