Overhauling mental health and addictions services

Today, 11 ministries across government deliver a patchwork of programs and services for mental health and addictions. The result is predictable and damaging: a confusing, hard-to-navigate system with far too many cracks for people to fall into.

We have to do better, and we can. Instead of tinkering with a broken system, let’s transform mental health care for the better.

Our changes for the better

A dedicated Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions
Coordinating and building the integrated mental health and addictions services that Ontario needs.
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Fighting the opioid emergency
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will declare a public health emergency to save lives now.
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Hiring 2,200 new mental health care workers
Allowing 28,000 more Ontarians to access the services they need every year.
30,000 new supportive housing units
At least 3,000 every year for the next ten years and funding for ongoing rent supplements and support staff costs.
Expanding Ontario’s Dementia Strategy
$100 million in increased supports for the more than 190,000 Ontarians living with dementia.
Children’s Mental Health
We’ll cut wait times to a 30-day max with a $590 million investment.
Mental Health Supports in High Schools
400 more mental health care workers, enough to cover every high school.

This is what we're fighting for

Together, we can change Ontario for the better. Are you in?

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