Because mental health care is health care

    Mental health care is health care and you should not have to pay $200 every time you need it.

    The pandemic revealed just how broken our mental health care system is. A silent epidemic of mental health struggles swept in with COVID. After two years of disruption, kids are struggling with personality changes and anxiety. So many of us are coping with loneliness, financial pressure, loss and grief.

    One in four Ontarians sought mental health or addictions help during the pandemic. Many more who needed help got none.

    It’s time we fix the broken mental health care system. That’s why we want to deliver Universal Mental Health Care, so you can get the care you need with your OHIP card, not your credit card.

    Together, our plan will:

    • Expand OHIP coverage to include universal mental health care, saving people an average of $200 per appointment
    • Ensure public access to psychotherapy for all Ontarians
    • Fund primary care doctors, nurses, community health care workers, and social workers to be trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    • Introduce legislation that recognizes mental health is as important as physical health and ensures that mental health services are insured through OHIP, whether they are provided in a hospital or a community health centre