New services that make life better for everyone

Public services make life better for all Ontarians. They help families stay on track. They help communities grow. And they help businesses succeed.

A strong network of public services has allowed Ontario to lead the country for decades. But Liberal and Conservative governments have eroded those services — with cuts, with privatization, or by failing to keep up with demand or inflation. Now, services you’ve come to count on aren’t there when you need them.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP understand the difference that quality public services can make. That’s why we aren’t just going to undo the damage of 20 years of cuts and neglect. We’re going to move Ontario forward with bold new universal programs that meet the needs of a changing, modern province: dental care, prescription drug care and affordable child care.

“We thank the NDP for your leadership... and setting the bar high with this comprehensive forward-looking Ontario Benefits plan. It is setting a gold standard in terms of policy thinking on access to oral health care.”

— Association of Ontario Health Centres

Our changes for the better

Dental care for everyone
Nobody should have to live in pain, or suffer permanent damage because they couldn’t afford dental care.
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Pharmacare for everyone
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will make Ontario the first province with universal pharmacare — so every Ontarian can get the medication they need, regardless of age or income.
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$12-a-day child care
We’ll make sure every family can access affordable, high-quality, not-for-profit child care.
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