February 8th, 2019

Horwath brings Ontario families new hope in 2019

Andrea Horwath and the NDP MPPs wrapped up a three-day caucus retreat Friday with Horwath telling the MPPs that with the legislature returning in just over a week, the job of the Official Opposition is more important than ever after a series of Doug Ford cuts were revealed in recent weeks.

“People are counting on us now, more than ever,” Horwath told the NDP MPPs on the final day of the three-day event. “This session, not only are we going to resist when Doug Ford tries to drag us backwards, we are going to keep pushing forward. We’re not going to just oppose, we’re going to propose. We are going to keep sharing our vision of hope and positive change. We’re going to remind folks that they deserve more from the government – not less.”

Horwath pointed to an avalanche of looming cuts from Ford since the legislature last met in December. The Ford government put full-day kindergarten on the chopping block, cut student support and hiked student loan interest, vowed to make a painful cut to autism support funding for children, and people learned about a looming overhaul of health care delivery that will open the door to for-profit corporations getting access to public health care dollars.

The NDP held the retreat in the Durham region, where the community has been rocked by the potential closure of the GM Oshawa plant. The plant closure would mean the loss of thousands of good jobs. Horwath has been fighting to stop the closure and save the jobs, and has blasted Ford for rolling over and refusing to fight for the jobs.

A highlight of the retreat is expected Friday afternoon, when the Official Opposition opens the doors to local leaders to take a seat at the table and raise their priority issues for discussion with Horwath and the caucus. About 150 Durham-area leaders from the business, education, non-profit, union, auto and regional government sectors are expected to join.

“This province belongs to all of us. Not just the wealthy. Not just the people who’ve got an inside track with Mr. Ford,” Horwath said Friday. “I know that we can not only stop Doug Ford from making things worse for Ontario, but we can bring our province together, and unite where he tries to divide.”