September 6th, 2017

Horwath to local leaders: NDP will be the partner you need in government

Today Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath hosted community leaders from across southwestern Ontario for a discussion on shared priorities and the issues that are most important to families and businesses in the region.

About 100 municipal, education, business, health care and non-profit leaders in the region joined the NDP MPPs for the discussion.

 “It's inspiring to come together and talk about what the future can hold,” said Horwath. “This region is filled with opportunities to grow. Your communities are incredibly vibrant. People want to live here. And businesses want to invest here – and you need a partner in government to make that happen. I'm determined to be that partner. 

The event took place during a three-day meeting of the NDP Caucus, held in Chatham, where Horwath and her team of MPPs met to discuss their vision and roadmap for the province. 

“New Democrats see a future where more families can live in the southwest, find good jobs and be assured that local schools will be a priority -- not an expense that can be cut. Where Windsor and London's housing repairs are achieved through shared funding and partnership with the province, and where health care is a priority. The reality is we should be cutting wait times in health care, not nurses, beds and hospitals. Let's not go back to that Conservative era of cutting.' 

In the last four years, hospitals in London alone have seen cuts of at least $113 million. The NDP has joined families to fight to stop the cuts to maternity services in Leamington and stop the closure of the emergency room in Wallaceburg. 

In addition to investments in health and funding partnership to repair social housing, Horwath confirmed her commitment to create a pharmacare prescription drug plan that covers everyone, regardless of age, income or health status. She also confirmed her plan to lower hydro bills for families and businesses by putting Hydro One back in public hands, giving Ontario more control over the prices once again.