September 24th, 2021

NDP brings together parties to call for vaccinations to be mandatory at Queen’s Park

Liberals, Greens sign on to NDP initiative, PC Party does not

QUEEN’S PARK — Ontario’s MPPs and their staff teams should lead by example by making the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory at the legislature, says the NDP, which has sent a letter to the speaker of the house with the Liberal and Green Party house leaders signed on.

The NDP repeatedly contacted PC Party House Leader Paul Calandra to sign on behalf of the Ford government, but Ford’s party refused.

“Vaccine-or-test policies are not acceptable,” reads the letter penned by NDP House Leader Peggy Sattler. “Ontarians rightfully demand that their leaders set the appropriate example and deserve no less.”

Late Thursday a weak and unacceptable vaccine-or-test policy was announced.

“We have to do better,” said Sattler. “The premier, MPPs and the people who have the privilege to work at Queen’s Park should be leading by example. Why would the government expect less of an MPP or premier’s staff than they expect of someone going to a movie or out for dinner?

“All parties except Ford’s PC Party are on board with a mandatory vaccination policy at Queen’s Park. Let’s do the right thing for everyone who works here, and for Ontarians, who have a right to expect nothing less from us.”