September 26th, 2019

NDP demands answers after another worker dies at Fiera Foods

QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Labour critic Jamie West, and NDP Workplace Health and Safety critic, Wayne Gates, said the Ford government must provide answers on how another worker at Fiera Foods died on Wednesday. The worker is the fifth to die at the company or one of its affiliates in an industrial accident since 1999.

"Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones. No worker in Ontario should have to worry about losing their life when they show up on the job. One death is too many and with this employer we have seen multiple workplace deaths. We're still learning details tonight but it's a time not just to mourn but to demand answers and accountability.

The previous Liberal government failed to protect workers hired through a temp agency or hold companies liable for a workplace injury or death.

Under the Ford government, temporary workers have died at Fiera Foods-run businesses. Instead of ensuring their safety, Doug Ford rejected all NDP measures to protect temp agency workers and hold parent companies liable, regardless of whether-or-not the worker was hired through a temp agency.

New Democrats demand a full public investigation of Fiera Foods and their health and safety record.

Ontario workers need to know what steps were taken to correct any violations of health and safety requirements, since the MoL investigated after the 4th fatality.

When Ontarians go to work, they deserve to know that they will be safe on the job, and that they will return home to their families.”