April 12th, 2017

While premier does another photo-op, renters suffer

Today at the legislature Toronto-Danforth NDP MPP Peter Tabuns questioned the Wynne government’s priorities on housing affordability and demanded they take the first step by closing the rent-control loophole. 

“Photo-ops of Premier Wynne don't help people pay the rent,” said Tabuns. “While the premier smiles for the cameras, landlords in Toronto and across the province are free to seize the moment and drive up rents as much as they want.'

While Ontario renters’ calls for protection grow louder, the Wynne government has been silent on how, when or if ever the 1991 loophole may be closed to prevent unfair and unreasonable hikes. That uncertainty is driving some landlords to hike rents now, in case any new law or new government will prevent that in the near future. The problem was caused by a loophole opened by the Conservatives in 1997, which cancelled any form of rent control for any building constructed after 1991. During 14 years of power, the Liberals have refused to close that loophole. 

An NDP bill, tabled by MPP Peter Tabuns and not supported by either the Wynne Liberals or the Conservatives, would close the loophole and extend the same rent-hike protections to everyone.

“I’m frustrated that Premier Wynne and the Conservative leader didn't support protection for renters last week when NDP Leader Andrea Horwath moved to get it done immediately in the legislature,' said Tabuns. 'They just don’t understand the urgency. Once again, we see the Wynne doing what she always does, ignoring the concerns of everyday Ontarians and opting instead to focus on her reelection chances with a photo-op today. People deserve so much better.'