February 22nd, 2016

Wynne’s 'two Ontarios' leaves families paying highest auto insurance rates while industry reaps historic profits: NDP

Today in the legislature, Government & Consumer Services critic Jagmeet Singh (MPP Bramalea-Gore-Malton) blasted the Liberal government for breaking a 2013 promise to both the NDP and the people of Ontario to decrease auto insurance rates by 15%. 

“Premier, why should Ontarians expect the Liberal government to keep its promises when it continues to break them over and over again?” asked Singh. 

Premier Wynne recently dismissed her government’s broken promise to reduce rates by claiming the 15% pledge was always a “stretch goal.”  

Singh said the Liberal government has created two different Ontarios. 

“The first one is where most people live, where Ontario families pay the highest auto insurance rates in the country,” explained Singh. “Then there’s the other Ontario, where the Premier’s powerful lobbyist friends reside—like the insurance industry, which continues to enjoy historic profits.”

Singh said New Democrats hope the 2016 budget will include strong commitments to improving healthcare, to creating good jobs, and to stopping the sale of Hydro One.

“But like the rest of Ontario, we know better than to trust the Liberals,” said Singh. “Premier, my question is simple: what other stretch goals are in store for Ontarians in this week’s budget?”