Northern Ontario Platform

Let's make life easier, healthier and more affordable for Northerners.

    Northerners face long waits and even longer drives to get the health care they need. Costs are rising, and our young people are leaving for opportunities somewhere else.

    Liberal and Conservative governments have left people in Northern Ontario behind for too long. Together with Andrea we can start to fix it — with investments in Northern health care, plans to bring down costs, and good jobs Northerners can raise a family on.

    Take Action

    By working closely with communities, we have put together a plan that puts the North ahead.

    • Ontario will hire 300 doctors in Northern Ontario, including 100 specialists and 40 mental health practitioners.
    • A Northern Health Travel Grant Guarantee will ensure Northerners never have to wait longer than 14 days to be paid back for health travel.
    • Northern communities will get more training and job opportunities in the trades, mining, and in the film and television sector. Ontario will open community-run employment and training centres.
    • Instead of Doug Ford’s cut to Canadian content rules for transit projects, more busses, trains and streetcars will be built in Northern Ontario.
    • High-Speed internet will be available province-wide by 2025.
    • The Northlander will be fully restored, and will connect with the Polar Express in Cochrane

    The choices made by Liberal and Conservative governments have only made life more expensive. We’re paying more, but we’re getting fewer services.

    It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s time we have a government that listens to and respects the North. Only Andrea Howarth and an NDP government will fix decades of cuts that broke our health care system and cut services leading to Ontarians paying more out of pocket. We will hire more doctors, build affordable housing, make our highways safe and connect our communities.