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Strengthening our Democracy

People deserve a government they can trust to have their backs.

Again and again, Doug Ford has put his political donor buddies ahead of the people of Ontario. Conservatives rushed to double the political contribution limit from $1,600 to $3,200 and removed the requirement to affirm donation of one’s personal funds, opening the door to corruption and abuse.

Andrea Horwath and the New Democrats will put Ontarians’ best interests first.


Ontarians deserve a voter system that’s democratic, fair, and engaging.

The Del Duca Liberals have promised to ram through a version of reform which is in their self-interest, and which 90 per cent of those who took part in their consultation were not in favour of.

Ontario New Democrats are committed to a fresh approach that’s centred on the unique needs of Ontarians, not about furthering politicians’ power.


We’ll create a Mixed Member Proportional Voting system: Designed by an independent group of citizens, this revitalized system will be a uniquely made-in-Ontario solution to ensure that every voter’s voice is heard in the legislature, all MPPs and major political parties have a meaningful voice, regardless of which party holds power. The group will be supported by a panel of experts and all of Ontario’s major parties.


Ontarians need a government that’s in it for them, that has their backs, and will protect what matters most.

Doug Ford has put the interests of wealthy buddies and political donors ahead of protecting Ontarians. His government doubled limits for political contributions and removed the requirement to disclose donation of one’s own money.

An Ontario NDP government will go to bat for you, fighting to protect what matters most to Ontarians.


Immediately restore the cap on donations limits to $1,600 and restore the rules requiring people to declare they’re donating their own money.


Ask Elections Ontario to head up a full review of political finance limits and rules, working with all political parties, as well as experts and concerned citizens.


Everyday Ontarians want honest, transparent leaders that put them first.

The Liberals and Conservatives have allowed a revolving door of their buddies and government insiders to become lobbyists, favouring private interests over the needs of Ontario families.

An Ontario NDP government will fix this. We’ll build a culture of transparency, letting constituents know when your MPP is meeting with lobbyists, and what about.


We’ll close loopholes that allow lobbyists to skirt conflict of interest rules and implement expanded “cooling off” periods to increase the time before a former government insider is allowed to become a lobbyist. We’ll introduce tough financial penalties as enforcement.


Increased transparency. We will ensure that the lobbyist registry is updated to ensure the public can see all meetings attended by lobbyists and exactly who they met with.


Municipalities play an essential role in delivering services and keeping communities safe and strong.

Rather than treating them as partners, Liberal and Conservative governments have spent decades downloading costs onto local governments. Doug Ford abused his power so that he could interfere in municipal decision-making and has failed to consult with municipalities on issues like local development.

An Ontario NDP government will act as a true partner to municipalities. We believe cities and towns are best positioned to understand their communities’ distinct needs.


Reform the Ontario Land Tribunal: We’ll stop private interests impeding legitimate municipal decisions.


Pass Bill 121, the Municipal Representation Protection Act, which requires the government to give public notice, conduct consultations, and get the approval of municipalities before cutting the size of councils or changing, amalgamating, or dissolving wards.


Strengthen Municipal Decision-making: We’ll look for new ways to strengthen municipal decision- making, including city charters, and recognize and support municipal governments’ legitimate powers.


Making life better for Ontarians means working in full partnership with the federal government.

Rather than cooperate, the Ford Conservatives have gone out of their way to block progress for families, on issues including lowering the cost of child care, making prescription drugs affordable, and action on the climate crisis.

An Ontario NDP government will ensure Ontario is a strong partner and a leading voice in discussions with the federal government, pushing to improve health care, education, jobs, and a clean, sustainable future for all Ontarians.


Work in full partnership with the Prime Minister: Andrea Horwath will be a leading voice at the Council of the Federation, making sure Ontario benefits from vital investments and that Ontario is a leader in building a stronger Canada.