Reconciliation demands a lot more than ceremonies and symbolic gestures. It demands good faith — and it demands action.

Our changes for the better

True government-to-government relationship with Ontario’s First Nations
We will work with First Nations leaders to sign a cooperative, government-to-government accord.
Implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Moving first on the recommendations related specifically to provincial jurisdiction.
Replace the Far North Act
We’ll work with First Nations leaders on an appropriate replacement to the Act.
Revenue sharing
Andrea Horwath will transfer the province’s share of mining taxes to Ontario’s First Nations, working with First Nations leadership.
Better health care for First Nations and Indigenous people
An Andrea Horwath government will provide better health-care services in partnership with First Nations in every community.
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Affordable electricity in First Nations communities
We will exempt First Nations communities from electricity delivery charges and connect remote communities to Ontario’s grid.

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