Respect Indigenous Leadership

Ford is undermining vaccination efforts in Indigenous communities.

MPP Sol Mamakwa got his COVID-19 vaccine publicly as part of a life-saving campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy in northern First Nations. Both First Nations and public health leaders asked Sol to lend his example, and show people in First Nations and remote communities, elders and residents that the vaccine is safe, and that they should be vaccinated as a shield against COVID-19.

On March 11, Doug Ford rose in the legislature and attacked Sol for his leadership, undermining Indigenous leaders, public health leaders, and vital ongoing vaccination efforts in Indigenous communities.

    Ford’s attack shows a lack of respect for Indigenous communities and their leadership. It also damages the critical work of vaccinations that need to happen for all Indigenous people across Ontario, regardless of where they live.

    First Nations in Ontario are facing severe challenges in the fight against COVID-19, including: over-crowding in sub-standard homes, a lack of access to clean water, a health care system with a chronic shortage of nurses and doctors in clinics, and much more.

    Now, instead of helping, Doug Ford is making things even worse.

    Add your name to demand Doug Ford withdraw his baseless accusations against MPP Mamakwa, and take immediate steps to fix the damage he has done to Indigenous vaccination efforts we need to end the pandemic.

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