Safer province, healthier environment

We love our communities. And we know that they thrive best in safety and security.

That means freedom from the fear of crime and violence. A justice system that gives us confidence. Renewed trust in the police forces that protect us. Streets that are safe to drive. And protection for the quality of our air and water.

Our changes for the better

A justice system that inspires trust
New Democrats believe our justice system should focus on keeping people safe, and on fighting crime by addressing its causes.
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Helping everyone get home safe
Safer highways, better access to live-saving defibrillators and new concussion protocols.
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Protecting our environment and taking action on climate change
Ontarians are proud of our natural heritage. And we know our well-being — economic, social and physical — relies on the health of our environment.
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Fresh, local food and safe, clean water
It’s time our provincial government brought everyone to the table to protect and strengthen Ontario’s food and water systems.
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Smoother commutes, shorter drives and more transportation choices
Affordable, reliable, fast public transit benefits everyone. Let’s stop choosing between bad and worse when it comes to transit.
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The Better Ontario Fund
A $300-million commitment to make life better for people across Ontario.
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Fighting poverty
We owe it to each other and to ourselves to end poverty, and build a province where every Ontarian can live with dignity and optimism.
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A province for all, of all abilities
Ontario is at its best when everyone can live good lives, and when nobody is excluded from their community.
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Protecting vulnerable children
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will strengthen protections, increase transparency and give a greater voice to children in care.
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Fixing Ontario’s Family Responsibility Office
We’ll put prompt, effective service for families first by reforming the Family Responsibility Office.
Supporting local libraries and museums
We will unfreeze library budgets, and invest $3 million per year so that libraries across Ontario can give out free passes to local museums and galleries
Better support for children with autism
Families of children with autism have been let down repeatedly by the provincial government. It’s time to change that.
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Gender equity
Women in Ontario deserve access to equity in pay, health, education and opportunities.
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Fighting racism and hate
Our government will identify and remove systemic and structural bias, and work to promote equity and inclusion.
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Fighting homophobia and transphobia
Every Ontarian should feel safe to live their life authentically, with a government that shows them respect and support.
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Providing sanctuary
Andrea Horwath and the NDP will declare Ontario to be a sanctuary province
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