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We must prioritize the development and prosperity of Northern Ontario by ensuring safety and giving equal accesses to services.

Injuries and fatalities are twice more likely to occur on a Northern highway than on a highway in Southern Ontario. And gaps in 911 services have fatal results. Additional services, such as broadband accessibility, also play a role in the prosperity of northern communities.

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    Improving road safety: Classify Highways 11 and 17 as Class 1 highways to match the classification with 400 series highways in Southern Ontario. Require that the pavement in Class 1 highways be bare of snow within eight hours of the end of a snowfall.

    Ensuring 911 access: In many parts of the province when you call 911, Ontarians are met with ‘not-in-service' messages or have their calls bounced around to different call takers before speaking with a dispatcher close by. This can have fatal consequences. Support our bill to improve 911 services.

    Expanding broadband and other services: Begin by classifying high-speed internet as an essential service so that northern and rural communities be an equal part of the digital economy.

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