Current rates are simply not enough to live on!

For the 900,000 Ontarians who live on social assistance (ODSP or OW), the atrociously low rates make it impossible to afford necessities, such as food, shelter or medicine.

Today’s cost-of-living crisis only makes things worse.

Ford's Conservatives promised to raise ODSP rates by a paltry 5%, which amounts to an additional $58 per month per recipient—a drop in the bucket. Ontario Works recipients have had their rates frozen at just $733 per month.

Rates were insufficient before, and they’re pitiful now. Housing and food costs are through the roof.

Tell Ford and Minister Fullerton to double social assistance rates NOW!

    ODSP recipients receive $1,169 per month, which will increase to $1,227 per month with the government’s five percent increase.

    OW recipients will receive no increase under the Ford government plan, receiving only $733 per month.

    The Ford government refuses to acknowledge that nobody can live a decent, healthy or dignified life on $733 or $1,227 a month.

    The Ford government must do the right thing and immediately double both OW and ODSP rates so that people can finally afford a good quality of life and life with dignity.

    Add your name to tell Ford and Fullerton to take action right now!

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