Protect The Homeless From COVID-19 Now!

People cannot "stay at home" if they have no home.

Physical distancing measures are impossible within cramped shared shelter spaces, and the lack of testing and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) means the virus will spread even more rapidly.

We need the provincial government to step up with adequate funding and logistics to provide everyone experiencing homelessness with safe, temporary housing in hotel rooms now, leading to a permanent home with adequate supports. The province must also increase COVID-19 testing and tracing in the shelter system, and ensure that workers have access to PPE and decent wages.

    Our shelter system was already in crisis before COVID-19 – now it is facing disaster. For weeks front-line workers, health care professionals, and advocates have been ringing alarms about the wreckage COVID-19 will have on the shelter systems without serious action from government.

    Over 300 medical professionals sent an open letter of actions the government can take to prevent more tragedies and end homelessness. We urge the government to listen to professionals and do everything in our power to leave no one behind in our defense against COVID-19.

    Housing is a human right. We have the power and ability to ensure a safe and stable home for every Ontarian. Add your name to support immediate action.

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