Support the Making Psychotherapy Services Tax-Free Act

Whereas mental healthcare is healthcare.

Whereas the mental health crisis facing Ontarians has gotten worst with the pandemic.

Whereas BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+ folks, women, and people with disabilities have historically faced significant barriers to accessing equitable health care services due to systemic discrimination

Whereas Registered Psychotherapists provide vital mental health services, especially as an early intervention.

Whereas a 13% tax added to the cost of receiving psychotherapy services is another barrier for Ontarians seeking this vital care.

Whereas Registered Psychotherapists are still required to collect HST from clients, while most other mental health professionals have been exempted

Therefore, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to pass the Making Psychotherapy Services Tax-Free Act, 2023 immediately, to remove this barrier to access to mental health services

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