Ontario Place's legacy is being accessible to all Ontarians

Ontario Place has stood as a beacon of shared memories and collective experiences for generations.

From families enjoying sunlit picnics by the water to friends gathering for concerts under the stars, it has been a place where moments turn into cherished memories.

This iconic landmark represents more than just a location; it's a tapestry of stories, laughter, and community. It's where countless Ontarians have come together, celebrating the spirit of our province. To privatize such a treasured space is to erase the heartbeats of all those memories.

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    Kinga Surma and the Conservatives are on a path to rewrite the narrative of Ontario Place. Instead of preserving its rich legacy as a communal haven, they're pushing for a transformation that prioritizes profit over people.

    Their vision — a $650 million private spa and a massive 5-storey parking garage — stands in stark contrast to the spirit of Ontario Place.

    By sidelining the voices of Ontarians and funneling public funds into private pockets, they're not just altering a landmark; they're threatening to erase a cherished piece of our shared history.

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