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Have you had a run-in with a private clinic upselling services? Have you been charged surprise fees? Forced to wait even longer for care?

Are you concerned about the privatization of our health care system?

Share your story with us today and join our fight to protect Universal Public Health Care in Ontario.

    Ford’s Conservatives are failing everyday people on health care. Year after year, they have refused to fund health care services that millions of Ontarians rely on.

    What are we left with? A shortage of health care workers and hospital beds, and a record-high number of people waiting to see a doctor.

    Instead of looking at effective solutions within our public system to fix this crisis, Ford is putting profits ahead of people and selling off our health care system.

    We have heard from hundreds of Ontarians who are anxious about Ford’s privatization scheme, and they are worried it will lead to a two-tiered health care system that puts people with bigger wallets at the front of the line.

    It is time to demand better. Together, we can make sure that every Ontarian has access to the care they need, when they need it, regardless of their income or background.

    Join us in our fight to protect Universal Public Health Care in Ontario by sharing your story.

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