Letter to Ombudsman from NDP MPP Teresa Armstrong on CBSA/MTO/OPP vehicle safety blitz

Dear Mr. Marin,

I am writing to request that you conduct an investigation into the practice and protocols of commercial vehicle safety blitzes involving the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), Ontario Ministries of Transportation and Environment, OPP and any other traffic safety agencies.

As you are aware, on August 14th between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. the CBSA, government ministries and the OPP jointly conducted a series of commercial vehicle safety blitzes in northwest Toronto that resulted in 21 individuals being detained and a number of them deported.

Statement on Mandate Letters by NDP Treasury Board and Finance Critic Catherine Fife

“The mandate letters released today are more about a Liberal public relations exercise than giving Ontarians any answers about their plan to cut public services and what public assets are on the chopping block. These mandate letters are heavy on spin and light on substance.

New Democrats will go through these letters with a fine-tooth comb, but let’s be honest, if the Liberals want to be open and transparent they should start with the basics: