NDP call for seizure of Liberal hard drives in alleged bribery investigation

Don't touch those hard drives, Premier Wynne.

In this open letter to Elections Ontario, NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson calls for the immediate seizure of Premier Wynne's computer hard drive, as well as hard drives of her staff and Liberal party officials.

Given the Liberal history with erasing their hard drives, it is essential that an investigation by Elections Ontario move quickly to determine who was involved in this alleged bribery attempt and that records are not destroyed.



Mr. Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer

Sent by Fax & Email

Dear Mr. Essensa,

Yesterday I requested you launch an investigation into bribery allegations involving the Liberal Party for the upcoming Sudbury by-election. These are serious allegations that involve the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, Pat Sorbara (currently listed as the Premier’s Deputy Chief of Staff) and Gerry Lougheed (senior Liberal operative). In light of this, I am calling on you to take all necessary steps under your purview to ensure that all the information that will be required for a possible investigation is not destroyed or deleted.‎

Letter to Elections Ontario: investigate alleged bribery attempt in Sudbury

15 December 2014

Mr. Greg Essensa, Chief Electoral Officer

Dear Mr. Essensa, 

I am requesting that Elections Ontario immediately investigate an alleged bribery attempt in Sudbury, Ontario.

This morning, former Sudbury Liberal Candidate Andrew Olivier alleged that he was offered a job or appointment in exchange for not seeking the Liberal Party nomination in the upcoming Sudbury by-election.

Salt shortage and bad winter maintenance making northern Ontario roads treacherous: NDP

Wawa:  NDP Transportation critic Michael Mantha is demanding that the Liberal government explain why there’s a salt shortage and bad maintenance on northern Ontario roads this winter. He’s calling on the Minister of Transportation to immediately fix the problem, which has been a concern ever since the Liberals expanded the privatization of winter road maintenance in the province.

“It is unacceptable that the Liberals have failed once again to ensure that there’s enough salt for the roads in northern Ontario,” said Mantha.  “It shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Liberals that winter comes every year to northern Ontario. Yet across the north, roads aren’t being properly salted, sanded, and cleared by private contractors. Road conditions are deadly up here.”

NDP Gets Results for Ontarians in Fall Legislative Session

Queen’s Park:  NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said this fall legislative session has shown that New Democrats are the real opposition at Queen’s Park, and the only party standing up for Ontarians and fighting Liberal arrogance.

“This session began with an unprecedented display of arrogance and ended with an even greater display of arrogance,” said Horwath.  “It began with the Liberals using time allocation to shut down debates and shut Ontarians out of committee hearings, and it ended with the Liberals condescending, sexist attacks on the Auditor General and more Liberal government offices being raided for evidence in the gas plant scandal.”

Liberals oppose motion to protect Ontarians, side with predatory payday loan industry

QUEEN'S PARK — Today, the Liberal government refused to support an NDP motion, introduced by NDP Government and Consumer Services critic Jagmeet Singh, that would immediately prevent predatory practices by payday loan companies.

The motion calls for banning gift card exchanges at exorbitant rates and reducing the fee charged on a payday loan to a rate lower than the current $21 per $100 borrowed.

NDP warns massive cuts coming to kid's preventative dental programs

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Health and Long-Term Care critic France Gélinas warned the Liberals are quietly cutting preventive dental care for tens of thousands of vulnerable kids across Ontario.

“All of us know how painful sore teeth can be and how important it is to maintain good oral health, especially for kids,” said Gélinas.  “In hundreds of schools and clinics across the province, public health units provide basic teeth cleaning and check-ups to ensure all children have access to good dental care.  But the Liberals are now going to cut this service, affecting tens of thousands of vulnerable kids in Ontario.”