Labour Day a reminder of past accomplishments and work ahead

Andrea Horwath at Toronto Labour Day

“Labour Day is upon us once again, and for many Ontarians, this is a day to celebrate, to spend time with our families, and to mark the many accomplishments of the labour movement that have made us a stronger province. Things like the minimum wage, the 40-hour work week, workplace safety, pensions and even the weekend.

“Labour Day is also a reminder of the work we still have ahead of us. It’s clear that this economy is not working for people and their families. Factories continue to close, and unemployment in this province remains stubbornly high. Our once strong, stable middle class is quickly becoming a class of precarious workers. Around the province, families are struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Statement on the third anniversary of Jack Layton’s passing

“Three years after his tragic death, Jack Layton continues to inspire Canadians across the country.

“Jack changed the face of Canadian politics, and reached out to Canadians from every walk of life. On this bittersweet anniversary, Ontario’s New Democrats join all Canadians to honour the achievements and celebrate the life of an inspiring mentor, and mark the too-soon passing of our dear friend.

“Let us honour Jack’s memory by heeding his call for love, hope and optimism each and every day.”